Humlebien og landsholdstrøjen

A tale of the national team jerseys through time


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  • 235 pages
  • Authors: Morten Garberg and Jesper Herholt
  • Publisher: TURBINE

Here’s a book that’s guaranteed to take you for a nostalgic trip down memory lane and which tells the story of all the Danish national team’s football jerseys through time, starting from the late 1970s where DBU and hummel first kicked off their special football partnership. The book’s authors are true experts on the subject matter, basing the stories around a collection of original player jerseys worn by the legends of Danish football. This is a book for the truest fans! “You almost can’t speak of the national team without mentioning hummel as well. The two have partnered up since the late 1970s, the only brief interruption being in the 00s where Adidas was the sponsor. But in my world, hummel and the national team go hand-in-hand, sort of in the same way Germany and Adidas do. Meanwhile England looks best in Umbro, just like Italy and Kappa are also a perfect match. It may have to do with national pride, or perhaps it has to do with the results and memories we have from the ‘good old days’. In any case, there’s an ‘underdog’ vibe around hummel and the Danish national team. And in little Denmark, we love that. It’s almost quintessentially like the Olsen Band, or David vs. Goliath.”

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