The official DBU long-sleeved national team jersey - away


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  • BEECOOL technology: Breathable, fast drying materials with maximum comfort created for high performance sport
  • hummel® logo print on the chest
  • Red/white DBU logo badge at the front
  • Blue/white details at the collar and sleeve opening
  • Cross-lacing design front and back
  • Red hummel® chevrons on sleeves
  • Quality: 100% polyester
  • Fitting: Regular

Join the rest of Denmark as we pursue our dreams of Danish victory! With this long-sleeved national team jersey you will be ready to follow the Danish boys when they take to the pitch and our TV screens this summer. The white away jersey is designed with inspiration from the Danish Royal Life Guards who guard our royal family and the Danish nation - ready to do battle for Denmark. On the front and back of the jersey, our designers have integrated cross-lacing from the Guards tunic in an all-white look. The red and white look is characteristic of our small but proud footballing nation, so naturally we have added the essential red design elements. Both our iconic hummel® chevrons and the DBU and hummel® logos on the chest appear in red, a sharp contrast to the white away game jersey. An elegant silver trim completes the oval DBU logo - a reference to the silver buttons on the Guards’ tunic. The jersey has blue and white details at the collar and sleeve openings. The blue appears on the Guards uniform while also representing a nostalgic look back at some of the most iconic national team jerseys through the years.

Item no.. 202578-9001

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