Hummel® was founded in 1923, making it one of the oldest sports brands in the world. And as we plan to stick around for much longer, sustainability is both a natural and necessary part of what it means to run a sustainable business.

hummel is owned by the Danish THORNICO Group, who use the term "Company Karma" across its companies as a collective term for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and initiatives.

Company Karma reflects a holistic approach to business, and fundamentally emphases on the ability – and motivation – to run a profitable company and make a positive difference in the world.

Our mission statement at hummel is: CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT.

In addition to the direct health benefits of exercising, we believe that sport is a universal language connecting people across nationalities, religions, cultures, genders and politics. Sport is something very special. And we have a long, proud tradition of supporting organisations, projects, clubs and people who, through sport, fights to make a difference in the world around them.

Our mission is also aimed at making positive impact on the environment. We see it as our duty to put our experiences and resources into play in order to actively and effectively contribute to a sustainable future.

Throughout the years, we have worked hard at developing and improving the ways in which we design, produce, and dispose of our products. We are constantly making progress but remain conscious of what we can, should and will do to ensure more sustainability.

You can read more about Company Karma and our CSR objectives and initiatives below.

If you have questions or ideas on the subject, you are welcome to contact us at


Code of Conduct

hummel operates according to THORNICO's Code of Conduct. This means that we are committed to conducting our business adhering to locally and internationally accepted conventions on occupational health, safety and human rights. THORNICO's Code of Conduct contains a set of policies divided into three main areas: people, the planet and the economy. In practice, this entails that:

  • hummel is dedicated to protect internationally proclaimed human rights, and strives to minimise any negative impact on them.
  • hummel supports the elimination of all forms of forced labour.
  • hummel is working for the abolition of all forms of child labour.
  • hummel is dedicated to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees.
  • hummel is dedicated to eliminating all forms of workplace and employment discrimination.
  • hummel recognises employees' right to collective bargaining and encourages freedom of association.
  • hummel takes a preventative approach to environmental challenges through sustainable business processes and technologies.
  • hummel promotes greater environmental responsibility by developing and supporting environmentally friendly initiatives.
  • hummel is working to prevent any kind of illegal, corrupt or oppressive actions.

You can read more in THORNICO's latest Company Karma report, which includes a section on hummel here. 


Long-term goals – concrete efforts

As a part of our efforts to become more sustainable, we are working on several long-term goals, as well as numerous concrete efforts and initiatives. These are defined through four main areas:

·                Responsible products

·                Responsible production and supply chain management

·                CSR employee engagement

·                Company Karma sponsorships and partnerships

Our efforts range from how we design and select materials to how our products are produced, transported and disposed of, and how we treat and involve our employees in this process. We are also very focused on how we as a workplace can ensure a more eco-conscious behaviour in our everyday lives.

We use the UN's Global Goals as our starting point

As an important part of our efforts, we work with the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development as our point of departure. Global Goals 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 are particularly relevant to our industry, organisation, products and social initiatives.

Responsible products (Global Goal 12)

We are committed to protecting both people and the environment. For this reason, it is important to us that we are able to offer products that have been produced responsibly, that are of the highest quality, and that are as safe as possible in order for both kids and adult enjoy sports and an active lifestyle worry-free. Below you’ll find some selected examples of our initiatives relating to responsible products:

  • PFCs: In the past, parts of our outdoor clothing collections were typically treated with (PFCs). However, as it has been proven that these compounds are close to non-biodegradable – and some even directly harmful to humans, we changed our ways back in 2017. Today, all hummel® kids’ outerwear is 100% PFC free and carefully impregnated with BIONIC FINISH® ECO, ensuring great breathability and high water-resistance. Learn more about our 100% fluorine-free kids’ outerwear here.
  • Water: In 2019, we introduced our eco-friendly initiative ZEROH2O, starting with our British football clubs. ZEROH2O is a dry-dye concept with zero water consumption and zero waste-water discharges – setting a new standard for eco-efficiency and reducing energy consumption by 50 %. Read more about it here.
  • Trust in textiles: We are constantly increasing the share of products in our Kids collections that adhere to the Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. OEKO-TEX® is the world's leading health and environmental product label for textiles. You can read more about OEKO-TEK® here.

Responsible production and supply chain management (Global Goals 3, 8 and 12)

We're continuously working to make our production and consumption of materials more sustainable. We want to ensure that our suppliers meet internationally-recognised standards in both environmental, health and working conditions. We do this through a thorough control and testing system at our production sites, and through close cooperation with our suppliers and partners in order to improve working conditions, local living conditions and economic growth.

Reducing the use of plastic

We have a specific focus on reducing the amount of plastic that we use in all stages of production and in the organisation as a whole. In practice this entails that we are constantly exploring alternative materials that can help us reduce our use of plastic.

We have introduced a number of larger and smaller initiatives aimed specifically at reducing the use of plastic across production and throughout the organisation:

  • No plastic bottles in our offices
  • No plastic bags in our outlets
  • Reduction in the number of bin bags and plastic bags in every department
  • The use of biodegradable bags for waste
  • The use of biodegradable food packaging
  • Employees may take leftover food from the canteen home, but only in their own reusable containers
  • Plastic and waste sorting in offices, kitchens and storage at HQ
  • Reduction in the use of plastics in the packaging of products
  • Investigation into alternatives to plastic packaging
  • Development and testing of recycled polyester in design and production                                                                                                                              
  • Collaboration with organisations working on collecting and recycling plastic                      

From as early as 2012, hummel has worked on campaigns to help bring awareness to the challenges of using plastic. See an example of this.

Donations and disposal

When we have surplus products, we donate as many as possible to organisations that can find a purposeful use for them. Amongst others, we have donated approximately 1000 kg of goods to an organisation working with sports projects in Kenya. Similarly, we have also donated to the Danish charity, Mødrehjælpen. As a rule of thumb, we only dispose defective products.

Employee CSR engagement (Global Goals 3, 5, 8 and 12)

At hummel, we believe it is a team effort to become more sustainable. That is also why we are constantly launching new projects that will help us develop and grow in the right direction as a manufacturer - and as a workplace.

For this reason, we are doing alot to include the hummel employees in the process – through internal communication, idea development, and education within the field of CSR.

We have appointed an internal CSR committee who are responsible for the development and execution of initiatives and projects across the organisation, Amongst other:

  • Preparation of monthly CSR newsletters
  • Updates, information and inspiration via various social media channels
  • Implementation of internal workshops and inspiration sessions
  • Conducting internal CSR competitions, where ideas and initiatives are recognised
  • Development and continuous updating of a database of goals, projects and ideas
  • International knowledge sharing across hummel's key markets
  • Participation in THORNICO's CSR steering committees
  • All employees can nominate colleagues who make exceptional contributions to Company Karma initiatives for the annual Thornico Award, which celebrates CSR and Company Karma projects.
  • (Also see above for internal initiatives to minimise the use of plastic)

Company Karma Sponsorships and partnerships (Global Goals 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12)

The better we are at driving and developing commercial operations at hummel, the more resources we can allocate to creating positive change through sponsorships and partnerships honouring our unique Company Karma philosophy.

Gender equality (Global Goal 5)

As a part of several projects around the world, hummel is working on strengthening women’s rights and generally reduce inequality through sport. For example, we actively support the organisation Girl Power, who use sport to strengthen women’s rights in Europe and Asia. You can read more about this collaboration here and here.

We support the organisation Football for a New Tomorrow (FANT), who work to improve gender equality and opportunities for women to participate in sport in Sierra Leone. Over the years, we have found that it can be difficult to get girls involved in football, as the sport is dominated by boys. Therefore, we have been part of establishing a new organisation, Handball for a New Destiny (HAND), that focuses on actively including women in the sport. Handball isn't a very well-known sport in Sierra Leone, so it is easier for women to be allowed to take part; the sport hasn't already been 'reserved' for the boys.

Reduced inequalities (Global Goal 10)

hummel also collaborates with Rooklyn International Football Association (RIFA), a New York football team fighting to help young immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees become more integrated in their local community while also creating a social network through football and mentoring schemes. RIFA aims to create a positive, safe and supportive environment for young immigrants in America. You can read more about our collaboration with RIFA here.

Our collaboration with FANT aims to develop local communities and help young people affected by the Sierra Leone Civil War to fight for positive change and a better future. The organisation primarily uses football to foster community and understanding across religious divides, class differences and social divisions, and teaches young people about human rights, health and democracy. You can read more about selected Company Karma projects here.

We've come far, but there's still a long way to go

We are aware of our role, our responsibilities and the challenges that come with being a manufacturer of textiles and sporting goods.

We are constantly evolving when it comes to CSR and always working on optimising and bettering all aspects of design, production and transportation. We believe that an ongoing dialogue with our suppliers, partners and customers on how to best develop and integrate our CSR policies is the best way forward. We are well on our way to becoming a more sustainable organisation with a more sustainable production, but know that there is still a long way to go for us as a company, and the textile industry as a whole, before we are satisfied with the value chain.

We want to ensure transparency in relation to our business, and we are always open to discussing possible improvements.

If you have questions or ideas about Company Karma or hummel® CSR initiatives, you are more than welcome to contact us at

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